A Flux Retrospective

Charity and I are so pleased to announce that after Flux School of Human Movement’s 10th year in operation we will be moving to our new location in the Warehouse district of Regina - 1100 Scarth St. The new facility is over 10 000 square feet with 27 foot ceilings. We are also situated on 1 and ½ acres of land. This is a stand alone building which means the sunlight pours through the windows. With three garage doors and even more windows planned, we will have a seamless transition between outdoors and indoors.

What an adventure it has been!

2018 Saturday class schedule

Happy New Year everyone!

We're excited to make a few changes to our Saturday class schedule in 2018. Coach Darci will be leading Movement, Gymnastics and Integrative Movement Practice every Saturday starting next week when she is back from training in L.A.

The new Saturday schedule for 13th Avenue:

9am Porch Pups w/ Darci
10am Movement Interaction w/ Darci
11am Gymnastics / Independent Training w/ Darci
12pm Flux Training Streams w/ Jen
12pm Integrative Movement Practice w/ Darci

This schedule begins this week and as such, your class registrations may have moved around a bit. Please double-check MindBody before heading out to classes.