A Flux Retrospective

Charity and I are so pleased to announce that after Flux School of Human Movement’s 10th year in operation we will be moving to our new location in the Warehouse district of Regina - 1100 Scarth St. The new facility is over 10 000 square feet with 27 foot ceilings. We are also situated on 1 and ½ acres of land. This is a stand alone building which means the sunlight pours through the windows. With three garage doors and even more windows planned, we will have a seamless transition between outdoors and indoors.

What an adventure it has been!

Change is always tough but the new space will enable us to bring to fruition many of our dreams! First and foremost, with our much bigger space, we will be able to house all of our programs under one roof. Flux is truly unique with both its philosophy and wildly diverse programming and now we will have the physical space to create ever more ‘contact zones’ of movement.

I had always envisioned that people who walked into Flux’s doors would be walking into another world - another way of thinking and being in the body that went far, far beyond just “working out” - a circus atmosphere of playfulness and experimentation. I am proud that our little, but expanding culture has been influential in Saskatchewan and beyond and that Flux has pioneered radical alternatives of what it means to live in one’s body in a community with others. We have also been committed to asking hard questions, often centered around our food and eating practices. For instance, what does it mean to be human in an age of unprecedented ecological destruction? How might humans as a species contribute an energy of reciprocity at both the local and the global level so that we might flourish in all of our entangled communities?

In order to materialize an idea you need to surround yourself with people who believe in your idea (even when you as the leader are filled with self-doubt at times). I am so grateful for our teachers who each bring their own knowledge, passions and vast curiosities about human movement to Flux. I am also grateful for all of our students. When you step into Flux you are very much like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Flux does not offer any easy sign posts to navigate and give meaning to your movement experiences. Flux has also worked hard not to be bound or closed off by settled categories. So thank you to all of our students, both near and far who never cease to inspire me.

Flux began in a 300 square foot space that was unheated and uninsulated. I have fond memories of lifting barbells in toques and mitts. I also have fond memories of running up and down our alley like small town Saskatchewan kids. To keep this somewhat anarchist bend, my pledge is to offer more guerilla like experiences for our students with our new facility offering an environment to cook up new ideas.

Thank you to the Cathedral for enabling a kernel of an idea to grow and flourish. Our ideas took root in the Cathedral, but now new routes will take us on new adventures. And in our new space, ever more roots, knots and entanglements will take shape.

Darci Anderson and Charity Marsh
Flux School of Human Movement