Human Aliveness Program begins with the simple invitation to examine your physicality as a source of inspiration, contemplation and curiosity. Human Aliveness is a program that enables you to create a physical practice that makes sense for you.

Human Aliveness encourages the individual to take an active role in making connections between their daily physical practices, the food they eat, and how they move in their body in their everyday. Human Aliveness is a program of bodily awareness and daily practice that is rooted in ecology. Our mentorship program goes far beyond what can be captured through  conceptions of fitness or exercise. As concepts, exercise and fitness have much to offer in that they get people to be more physically active, but we believe that concepts of exercise and fitness still compartmentalize life and the body in a false way. Human Aliveness program takes what works with traditional exercise and fitness paradigms, but it also radically alters how we have come to understand and practice these terms. What this means for you is a more seamless and integrated life of health and movement that promotes longevity and the freedom in your body to do the things you love.

The body and mind crave new experiences and new situations and our unique approach through movement aims to do just that - create new contexts and new physical challenges to ensure that your body and mind continue to be inspired. A defining feature of the human animal as a species is our sociability. We need to ask ourselves why we often bracket exercise or fitness off as an isolating and atomistic activity and very often PREDICTABLE activity. Our Human Aliveness program stresses physical games and new contexts that the body is compelled to react to and react upon. This, we believe, keeps the body inspired and engaged.


Anyone who is looking to break free of or to compliment their more mainstream strength and conditioning programs.

High Performance Athletes that are looking to become better movers in their sport. Athletes do not need another strength and conditioning program in their off-season. We will help athletes to understand their deficiencies, their strengths, and to identify where potential injuries lie in order to prevent them. This can happen only through careful observation in movement situations, not static situations or through rote experiences of the body. We help athletes to develop cross axis development, strong and resilient joints, how to create power in their body and to understand their kinetic potential. We also stress rhythm, coordination and cross axis collaboration. Athleticism cannot exist without rhythm. Moreover, any body will become stunted in their physical capacity if they don’t change the rules to the game on occasion.

If you are dealing with chronic or acute injuries. Flux’s unique movement approach to the body has given hope to many people. We will guide you through an understanding of pain and what pain may or may not be telling your body. We take a progressive approach when dealing with injuries. We believe there are certain universal principles that govern human movement and that through bodily awareness of such principles your are far more likely to experience longevity and enjoy pain free movement


What we eat and our choice of a physical practice are probably the most direct ways of taking control of our health. We will help you to navigate the practical realities of modern day living and how to merge your day-to-day eating practices with a deeper and more grounded connection to nature. After all, our bodies depend on the health of the natural world. We can help you to navigate the confusing and often contradictory messages of the diet and fitness industry. Aliveness goes beyond living on auto-pilot and following trends and fads in these industries. Our program will guide you towards a deep knowledge of the vast and interconnected processes that sustain and feed humans. We believe that this wisdom is integral to the restoration and cultivation of a healthy relationship to food and your body.


  • Our school’s unique movement centered approach to healthy and robust living
  • Individualized Physical Practice that makes sense for you
  • What is an injury? How do we interpret pain?
  • Daily communication with your teacher
  • Monthly one on one assessments
  • Guidance and understanding of the term “body composition”
  • Interpreting labels (organic, non-gmo, irradiation)
  • Understanding the path to gut health
  • Understanding inflammation
  • Understanding Ketosis
  • Understanding the Ancestral Health perspective
  • Understanding macro and micro nutrients
  • Food Ecology and restorative farming practices such as Regenerating Grasslands
  • Free access to Flux workshops around traditional food production: canning, fermenting, gardening, etc.
  • A practical guide to the modern day, urban forager. How to source nutritious food on a budget

The cost for this program is $325 (+GST) per month.