Ready or Not here we go! 

We are super excited to be moving into our new space on the July holiday weekend! Hooray! 

With all the excitement and anticipation comes our heart felt plea for your patience. July will continue to be a month of transition and construction. This means that we may still be working with some make shift facilities (outdoor toilets, showers, etc.). All facilities (including washrooms, showers, movement space, etc.) will be completed in July, we just can't give an exact date!

Our incredible new Parkour area and our great outdoor back space is ready to host all of our classes! Have you seen the workshops we will be holding in the backyard:
Wicking Beds workshop July 3
Building Healthy Soil workshop July 17
Passive Watering System/Lawn Alternative July 31
We would love to have as many folks attend these as possible! These workshops are open to everyone, not just Fluxers! Let's show off some of the many elements of what makes Flux so awesome!

So, here's what this all means for you dear Fluxers:

  1. the long weekend is our move date so we will be closing up early on Friday, June 29th - our last class is the FTS at noon!
  2. we would love some help if you are up for a "real life" kind of workout on Friday afternoon/ evening (from 1pm) and Saturday morning (from 9am). We need bodies and trucks to help haul the rest of our gear.
  3. lockers and all other personal belongings must be cleared out of 13th by June 27th as we will be moving the locker boxes over to the new space for our temporary set up. 
  4. we also have some spaces left in our summer camps. Please pass along info to anyone you know who might be interested. Our camps will include parkour, movement, gymnastics, acrobatics, outdoor play, discussions on food, nutrition, beat-making, ecology, etc. Some pretty cool stuff!

We are planning a major Flux Festival grand opening for the fall with a pig roast, dance party, and all kinds of other Flux shenanigans! Please stay tuned for details!