This is a very difficult class to describe but essentially it is a class committed to rigorous physical experimentation and practice. The content of this class is constantly changing based on the current research of the Flux School of Human Movement teachers.

Darci has have committed well over 500 hours learning under both Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt. Ido and Odelia have done numerous residencies at Flux that last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks at a time. On any given day of their residency, our teachers will easily put in 4 hours a day of learning and training. The result is that Flux has built and continues to build a process and a methodology around movement practices.

This class is of course, open to all abilities. In this class you can expect to constantly expose yourself to new physical challenges and movement patterns. It is highly influenced by Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt, the work of Fighting Monkey, and capoeira. We also combine acrobatics elements. Finally, we address joint resiliency and mobility limitations and possibilities.

When you commit to this class you will experience and appreciate an ever expanding horizon of movement freedom and creativity.



Starting January 2018. Open to all, members & non-members welcome!