Disposable Experiences

I have always had an aversion to gimmicks - the kind of material stuff and experiences that create an illusion of fulfillment for about half a second, only to be discarded or barely registered by the mind and body.

One of the principle tenets of our Movement School is to value effort and process. We take this to simply mean that there is joy in the physical and mental effort as much as there is in the actual attainment of a particular goal. This can be taken even further. We could say that the outcome doesn’t really matter at all; we are doing something for the fun of it! To be fully engaged in the moment - in your heart and mind - is a rare and precious feeling.

I think one of the most limiting factors of a traditional “exercise” or “fitness” model is the tendency to bracket off ‘training time’ from the rest of our everyday. If we give pause to this way of thinking we realize how artificial it truly is. Our bodies cannot be casually placed on a coat hook at the end of a training session, only to be donned again the next day. If only it was that easy! Asking ourselves how we navigate our everyday can generate profound and yet simple questions. How do I feel in my body in the moment? How do I look upon myself as I navigate relationships and objects?

Our kid’s classes are no different. The physical set up of our kid’s classes is always done in such a way that our young critters must actively get involved in creating their fun. When mats, vaults, or bars are required in the class, the students communicate and collaborate with each other in order to arrange the equipment. This tradition isn’t simply about instilling a ‘work ethic’ in the kids. It is about dissolving the borders between active and passive or play versus work. It is about having some ‘skin in the game',’ rather than passively expecting to be entertained and relying on others for pleasure. Take a look at the video below of a few of our Flux critters hard at play!


Save the date: Holiday Come & Go

Dear Fluxers, 

Darci, Charity and the Flux teachers & staff invite all of our members and friends to stop in for our annual Holiday Come & Go on Sunday, December 16 from 4 to 6pm. 

It's a busy time of year for everyone, but it would be nice to see your smiling faces, even if only for a few minutes! 

Drop in to say hi and enjoy some yummy treats on us!

We hope to see you all on December 16.

holiday logo.png

Flux Festival 2018

We are excited to announce the date for the Flux Festival for 2018.  Mark your calendars for a day of movement revelry and spectacle on: Saturday, September 22nd.

Immerse yourself in a full day of games, feasting and culture making through the body.

The 2018 edition of the Flux Festival will feature:

  • Parkour time trials with three divisions (Kids 7+, Youth 11+, Adult) - pre register online

  • Olympic Lifting showcase to test the waters in olympic lifting - pre register online

Team Events will include:

  • Urban obstacle course

  • Crossfit Competition

  • Grunt work competition

  • Feats of strength competition

  • Optional improvised movement jam

    • Learn 2 cool parkour skills if you don’t know them already (basic vault, underbar) and;

    • se them in a Parkour Jam - where you will learn the 10 second game in our state of the art Parkour facility.


We will wrap up the Flux Festival with a licensed party including a DJ, karaoke and a fundraiser to support Flux’s urban garden with a Pig Roast put on by chef, “Masta Rand” and brother Gord. Flux will be supplying cabbage slaw. Feel free to bring a side food item only if you feel compelled to do so (not required).


How can society and nature thrive together? Why should humans care about the state of urban ecosystems? The Flux Frontier offers the exploratory grounds to ask such questions. Through day to day management, the Flux Frontier is a space that will emphasize and value the kind of knowledge that can only be gained through practice, daily observations and trial and error.

Our school is very fortunate to have such a large tract of land to work with and explore the question of how to create positive and life affirming interactions between humans and the natural world in an urban landscape. The majority of humans now live in an urban setting and therefore questions of what makes humans thrive in an urban ecosystem are more relevant than ever. Our hope is that the Flux Frontier will become an educational centre for urban ecology. A space where humans, young and old, can learn about ecology and the importance of growing food.

The Board Game Bistro will be catering on site all day with food such as local hotdogs and snacks available for purchase (cash only).


A portion of the fees raised will fund Flux’s urban garden and those that wish to donate further can do so through Flux Community Inc.'s Paypal.

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Fee For Flux Festival only: $20
Pig Roast Supper only: $30
Fee for Festival and supper: $45

Fee For Flux Festival only: $10
Pig Roast Supper only: $10
Fee for Festival and supper: $20

Kids are encouraged to attend the festival as well and specifically they will have access to:

  • Parkour time trial event

  • IMP labs

  • Use of Parkour gym for the day*

*Kids will have use of the parkour gym when not directly used by the festival with direct parent/guardian supervision unless they are an advanced mindset practitioner (actively taking parkour classes and demonstrated ability to practice in a safe manner always padding fall zones, etc.)

register online here

Prizes of Flux merch for:

  • Parkour time trial (fastest human in each category)

  • Team placing 1st

For the team portion there will be a secret vote (each team competing in the competition will nominate only 1 team as the winner with scoring based on:

Flux Community Spirit

Teams will be created by Flux staff and athletes strategically placed on certain teams to align with the above three scoring factors. Teens are encouraged to sign up and will have their own team provided sufficient numbers.

Deadline for registration is Sept 20th @ noon

register online here