KIDS & TODDLERS programs

The aim of our kids’ program is to create a space for kids to be kids! This means that we structure our classes around both exploratory and skill based play in addition to a foundational strength and conditioning program. Too often, play is relegated to the back burner as an afterthought.
At Flux, we believe that play leads to greater movement complexity, adaptability to various situations and improved problem solving skills. We also believe that without skill and strength based training, play and physical expression will eventually reach a physical limit.
At Flux, you get the best of both worlds. Some of our kids who have been working with us for several years are equally comfortable swinging from bars, doing back flips, climbing trees, performing complex ring routines, dancing, and squatting under a barbell.

Basically, they are well developed little ninjas!



ages 2 to 4

porch pups

ages 5 to 7

big dawgs

ages 8 to 11


Some of our Kids begin to transition into the teen program before 12 years old. Read more about our Teen Program here.


Did you know that Flux School of Human Movement was the first CrossFit Kids affiliate in Saskatchewan?