Alexis Losie

In August 2015 I was invited by a friend to come and try a class at Flux. In the year leading up to this I had been making an effort to exercise 5 days a week, whether it be kettle bells, running on the treadmill, or a variety of self-directed work outs. In the 7 years prior to this I had led a very sedentary existence. I have always been a person who did not want an exercise partner and found the time to be best spent alone with my suffering. I signed up for a membership with Flux and planned for the 3 times a week program and figured I would find something to do with the other 2 days. 3 weeks into my plan I realized that I needed to find a way to be at Flux 5 days a week and I look forward to everyday I am there.

This is what has happened since August thanks to the work that I am putting in, the incredible coaching team at Flux, and the people that I now look forward to being active with every day. I can do a handstand.  I can box jump and land without fear or pain.  I can do a passive hang for 41 seconds….on a good day. I can back squat 245 lbs/111kgs. I am a far way from a doing a proper pull up, but every day I celebrate the achievements that are bringing me closer to getting there. I have watched others hit huge milestones and cheered with genuine excitement as we all celebrate for them. I do not look like your typical athlete and I was worried about how I would be accepted in a room full of dedicated “movers”. My time at Flux has been one of the most rewarding commitments that I have ever made. I am part of a healthy team who supports their own and encourages healthy living.

On my first day in the space at Flux I read the literal writing on the wall that states “A gym for every body” and that includes me.

Carol Moran

The Movement is Life; Life is Movement classes I have attended at Flux have been the most helpful thing I have done for myself.

At age 72, I was achy and inactive recovering from a broken shoulder and a sore hip. Now I can put on my coat without help and get up and down to do things I want with ease. I love the positive encouragement and the explanations with step by step advancement that make the program easy to follow.

I’m signing up for the next session for sure!

At age 72, I was achy and inactive, recovering from a broken shoulder and a sore hip. Now I can put on my coat without help and get up and down to do things I want with ease.
— Carol Moran

Don Savaria

Who would've thought that at 66 years of age I’d get such joy from being focused on movement and locomotion? For almost seven years, I’ve experienced surprise and delight from executing a QDR (Queda De Rins), Au Cortado, Queda Batido, Ginga (not to mention learning Portuguese/Spanish words); numerous animal moves (monkey, lizard, scorpion, duck, bear, just mention a few); and the very gratifying hand stand. On a daily basis, I’m now in touch with muscle groups and joints that were so neglected before I came to Flux. Now I understand the importance of ongoing strength work. I’m happy I can support my body weight while participating in many of the Flux classes.

I value the many ways coaches at Flux are able to make adjustments to programs to match my capabilities. I feel safe. Under their watchful eyes, they always make sure I execute the right moves for various elements in a workout. It’s been quite a journey - from not being able to bend over and suffering from back pain, arthritis, and other health issues, to now squatting comfortably and resolving many medical problems. It hasn’t been without some uncomfortable moments. Movement and locomotion is hard work. But, the sense of pride at the continual improvements to my strength and flexibility has made this journey so worthwhile. I guess you could say I’m an eager student at the Flux School of Human Movement and that Flux is a significant part of my continuing education world!

[...] from not being able to bend over and suffering from back pain, arthritis, and other health issues, to now squatting comfortably and resolving many medical problems.
— Don Savaria

JUSTIN - my flux adventure

In grade 5 my knee would ‘quiver’ and hurt. It would happen randomly and would occur very rarely. This was not the case after I went to an indoor trampoline park. My patella dislocated and was 90 degrees left to where it should be. It stayed like this for three hours until a doctor could relocate it. My knees muscles and tendons were stretched and my knee was swollen and bruised with yellow and purple marks. After some recovery time we went to see a knee specialist and it was then he informed that sports would no longer be a good idea for me and that knee surgery wasn’t an option until I was done growing. He gave me a brace that had no effect on supporting the patella and over the years I had grown a psychological dependence on the brace. The brace had a negative effect on my physical and mental health. The brace would weaken my knee muscles even further and I would be petrified of moving, going anywhere, standing or even sometimes sleeping without my brace. My knees muscles were so weak that my knee would dislocate multiple times a day.

My life was of minimal movement and a fear of moving. This was until I heard of Flux, a fellow Flux member had moved to my town and I had overheard her talking about Olympic Weightlifting.  Later that night I asked her about it and she gave me the website. A week later I was signed up and pumped. Before the classes, I had to be assessed first. I then found out all the things that needed to be fixed, and that Darci could relate to my knee and told me something that I thought Id never hear “Yeah we can help your knee” she then followed with something I dreaded “But, first we have to ditch the brace”. Two days later I went to the teens class, excited but nervous.Walking in I was warmly welcomed by coach Derek and Jen and was than introduced to the rest of the Flux Crew. I then knew that Flux wasn’t a business, it was a family. The first couple of days were exhausting but once I got into the rhythm, and my body got used to the workouts, I had never felt better. The workouts tested my ethics and my strength. I was loving the diversity of people and areas of different types of athletes and sports from bouldering to parkour to lifting. They truly meant -a gym for every body-. Every month I could see the difference in the strength of my knee and my confidence in my knee but also just my confidence in general grew. My knee went from dislocating multiple times a day to months of separation between dislocations. I love what I do now, and my knee is stronger than ever. Flux and their amazing coaches have and continue to change my life and challenge me daily. I went from a chubby scared unconfident kid to a fitter healthier confident young adult. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the Flux community. I am so thankful for flux and their dedication to help anyone with there specific problems and needs. Flux has changed me as a person and has inspired me to become the best me possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Kassandra Severson

Kass first approached Flux on recommendation from her physiotherapist. When she first came to Flux Kass hadn't been able to play volleyball at all for 3 months. She couldn't lift her right arm above shoulder height without pain and had significantly reduced strength on the right side.  She was also requiring frequent treatments for her neck and shoulder as she was unable to turn her head side to side. An important observation that was made in Kass’s original assessment was the lack of understanding of the work of the scapulae in anchoring the shoulder girdle.

We started Kass with a program of the most basic gymnastics strength progressions, shoulder mobility and proprioception exercises with some lower body mobility and resistance training as well.  While practicing one of her push up progressions a few months ago, she told me that she couldn’t imagine ever being able to do a push up. She now can do a solid 7 reps of a modified push up and that full push up goal is becoming more and more real. While her neck is still an issue that we need to be mindful of, she reports less frequent and less severe flare ups. Her awareness of how the scapulae work has enable Kass to take more control over her own shoulder health and she has the knowledge of how to prevent such flare ups.

Kass’s hard work has taken her from experiencing pain and discomfort in raising her arms above her head to now performing full bodyweight wall supported chest to wall handstands. She has also achieved a solid 30 second full range of motion chin up eccentric.  

There is no magic here. Her programming is incrementally progressive and adjusted every 6 weeks or so to keep the adaptation happening, something her training was lacking before she came to work with us at Flux. Also, Kass is a great student, always asking very good questions and giving useful feedback about her experiences with the material at her home and workplace gym where she trains between her regular private sessions at Flux.

Kass’s hard work has taken her from experiencing pain and discomfort in raising her arms above her head to now performing full bodyweight wall supported chest to wall handstands.

Lansea Delgaty

I found Flux 5 ½ years ago, completely by accident. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this particular accident a 10. I must admit I had no idea what to expect when I first stepped into this gym, which was unlike any other I had previously been associated with.  “Wow, I’ve never seen a gym like this”. I loved the uniqueness of the place, and signed up immediately.

I had no idea to what extent I could be so strong and (just as importantly) so flexible and mobile. I have never before been encouraged and pushed to accomplish what I at one time would have considered incredibly lofty (if not impossible) goals. Just one of many, many examples: with the encouragement and guidance of the coaches, I can now do handstand pushups. And the crazy thing is, it just feels normal to do them! Thanks to Flux, I can move with an agility and flexibility that I know is going to keep my body healthy and sustainable. Having a strong body and the freedom of movement is key.

The coaches are amazing - knowledgable, respectful, diverse, dedicated, and passionate about their roles. They have their own rigorous training regimes, and they are constantly pushing themselves to new heights. They take a genuine interest in each and every one of the Flux members, and are just as excited as we are whenever one of us achieves a new goal and is ready to move to the next progression, whatever that may be.

As far as my fellow Flux members… well, they are like no other gym members I have ever encountered. We are a community where discrimination is completely absent –  whether it be age, gender, race, education, economic or social status –  and the camaraderie and respect we all have for each other is real. We encourage each other, and applaud the attempts and achievements of all.

My goal is to get to the gym 4 times a week. In the 5+ years I have been going to Flux, I can honestly say I have never once tried to find an excuse not to go, or had to push myself out the door to get to the gym. I always look forward to it. I can’t say this about any other gym I’ve ever belonged to. Some quick math – I’ve probably gone to the Flux gym over 1000 times by now.

I am so fortunate to have found Flux when I did. I now have two young grandsons that I can easily keep up with, and roll around on the floor with for hours. Maybe one day when they’re older, they will aspire to keep up with their Grama!

Matthew Obrigewitsch

Flux has certainly caused me a few problems. Friends won’t stop calling me to move heavy furniture! None of my old clothes fit, they are all just falling off of me! I can barely get my calves (let alone thighs) into “skinny” jeans, which seem to be the only ones available nowadays…

My spouse, Michelle, and I stumbled on Flux School of Human Movement from a Groupon, and it was probably the luckiest stumble I’ve ever had!

Prior to coming to Flux, we had tried several different things. Right out of university, I landed a job with a focus on “employee wellness”. All of my co-workers would run at lunch hour, almost every day. Most ran a marathon or two every year. I joined them at lunch, slowly building up the distances, and I even ran a few 5K and 10K races, and two half-marathons, but never seemed to get much faster. Every run was hard, I never really enjoyed it, other than getting outdoors for a bit. 

Michelle and I also tried a few different group classes, fitness DVDs and video games, slowly filling a small corner of our home with different workout “stuff” that never seemed to make much difference. I continued to read up on different diets and fitness programs, continued to “eat healthy” by getting lots of whole grains, fruit, and lean protein. We cooked it all in margarine and canola oil. I was slowly getting heavier, and not in a good way! I just assumed that I wasn’t doing enough, and that if I trained more hours and ate less fat, I’d start to lean out. I was never an athlete in high school or university, but I thought I could at least eat healthy enough and exercise enough to stop being overweight. I sort of concluded that my metabolism had slowed down during university from “old age”, and there was nothing I could do about that. Boy, was I wrong!

In the summer of 2011, I came to Flux for the first time, did a few introductory/assessment sessions, and we had a discussion about nutrition. What I heard made me shake my head in disbelief. Whole grains are bad for your waistline? Too much fruit can make you fat? I should eat fat with my meat? And then cook the bones into broth? I planned to use up the prepaid intro classes and be on my way, leaving these fat-loving, bread-hating people behind. 

Right away I was a non-believer, and didn’t really put my heart into the workouts. Slowly, they won me over. The other athletes were having fun, and telling me how much they struggled to get where they are. The coaches were adjusting workouts so that I was doing similar things as the other athletes. We were all working out together, some were in such vastly better shape than me, I was jealous. Some athletes were older, but could still kick my butt in every measure of strength, stamina and mobility. Every time I went, I was a little scared and a little nervous, but the coaches and the other athletes were incredibly positive and supportive. It was my first exposure to the truly amazing community that makes up Flux.

I stopped running hour-long sessions every weekday and instead just came to two or three, hour-long CrossFit workouts. My trial membership ended, and I renewed for three months, and after that, for a full year. After six months of Flux workouts, Michelle and I slowly made the transition from fruit, whole grains and boneless/skinless chicken into vegetables cooked in butter and meat seared in bacon fat. Within a year, I was down 15kg (35lbs) on the scale, and more than 10cm (4inch) in my waist, and the most startling part was how easy it was! The food was delicious, and the workouts were fun and challenging. The weight stayed off, I ate whatever I felt like without counting calories or macros too closely.

Two years after swearing that these crazy paleo-Crossfitters would be a one-month diversion, I was fully converted and started coaching at Flux and proclaiming the virtues of the Flux lifestyle! I have always had fun with all the different classes that Flux has to offer, helping to coach some of those classes, and being part of a community of people working so hard and cheering one another on. My only regret being that I can’t fit all of the classes I really love into my schedule!

My only regret being that I can’t fit all of the classes I really love into my schedule!
— Matt Obrigewitsch

Merissa Scarlett

I started my journey at Flux at the beginning of July 2014. I was tired of feeling tired and looking to improve my health for the future. I was only 26, but feeling way older. Rebecca Hay, my coworker at the time and longtime Flux member invited me to the 'Bring a Friend WOD' day and I decided to go for it. I thought I was in much better shape than I was! I had a lot of fun even though I was completely blown away by my poor physical health. I couldn't hang on to a bar for longer than a second with my feet off the ground, I couldn't squat very well, and I had no stamina.

I jumped in immediately and started cleaning up my eating. I stopped fast food and sugar (this was the hardest part) and decided to follow a more 'paleo' way of diet. Within 5 months, I was down about 50 pounds and was learning that my body can do so many amazing things! My eating better made me feel better and going to the gym was getting more and more enjoyable. I finally could hang onto a bar for 30 seconds without my feet touching the ground. And I could hang out in a resting squat for a few minutes. I also learned how to kick up into a handstand by September 2014!

At first I was nervous going to classes but I quickly realized the community is so supportive of anyone making the effort to improve their physical health. I was always being encouraged by the 'vets' of the gym and always felt supported by all the coaches. They pushed me more than I thought I was ever capable of and they still do! I still go very regularly and this gym has become a second home to me. I competed in Bridge City Beatdown in September 2015 and was so proud at how far I had come on my journey. I am currently working on getting my first unassisted chin-up and know I will have it within the year!

Zlatan FazlagiC

I joined Flux because I was fat, sick and depressed. This was hard on me and my family. My work is demanding, my family is important so finding time to exercise isn't always a priority. I joined Flux with one goal, to be able to complete Mudd Sweat and Tears obstacle race in fall. I started my training with a physical assessment and that was very telling. I could only do one chin up, actually I think the trainer gave me one, it wasn't even a full chin up. My shoulders were so stiff that I couldn't hang on the bar.

Flux staff and participants are great. There are people who are very fit and people who are just beginning like I was. Regardless everyone is treated with respect and people really care for one another. What I find very important is that the trainers pay attention to injury prevention. I do a lot of CrossFit classes and they never let me lift weights improperly. We spend a lot time on proper technique and they always ensure that the weight that I am lifting is appropriate for me. Even when I am being a donkey and try to push too hard they stop me and get me to take the weight off.

Another unexpected benefit of Flux is that they offer many classes that work together to make us healthier. I started with CrossFit but now I also take gymnastics and movement classes which help me with strength, flexibility and mobility. My daughter is taking a kids class which she loves.

From June to September my physical and mental state have considerably improved. I finished Mudd Sweat and Tears race not once but twice. I was done the first lap and realized that I had more juice left so I went for the second lap.

The biggest benefit of Flux isn't my physical fitness but my mental fitness. Every day I work out, usually 3 times a week, I feel great for at least two days. I am alert, energetic, don't get stressed easily and happy. This allows me to be a better father, husband and employer. Now I have so much energy that I love bouncing off the walls with my three year old daughter. Life is great when you can move.

The biggest benefit of Flux isn’t my physical fitness but my mental fitness.
— Zlatan Fazlagic

Jenna Stevenson

Being a member of Flux has been life changing for me. I have gotten stronger and grown as an athlete, but the biggest changes were not physical. I've went through some very profound mental and emotional changes, and found a part of myself that I didn't know existed.

I've found confidence and self esteem in a world that told me my body was flawed for too long.

I've learned to love my body and appreciate it for what it can do.

I've found an enormous sense of pride in what I've been able to accomplish.

I've become a much more positive thinker, and use techniques like positive visualization, which transcend all areas of my life.

I've found my passion. Training is a form of meditation for me, I'm focused, present, and in the moment. Going to Flux is the best part of my day.

I've developed patience. I've learned that things take time and require hard work. But they're worth it.

I've found freedom from years of negative self talk, guilt/shame related to food/my body, and freedom from constantly comparing myself to others and feeling like I was never enough.

I've learned the difference between quality/quantity exercise. More does not mean better. I've also learned the importance of goal setting, keeping track of progress and and training for a purpose. I'd much rather be praised for what my body can do, instead of what it looks like. 

I've learned that I love competing in CrossFit. I always have something to prove to myself. My progress at Flux would not have been possible without such a strong coaching team and community. Darci and all the coaches have taught me to believe in myself, and have pushed, supported and encouraged me to do things I never thought possible. I'm looking forward to hitting those next milestones, and doing so in great company.

Women need iron. Not the vitamin. The barbell.

Shara Auty

I joined Flux School of Human Movement in April 2011 after an ankle injury at the Queen City Marathon prevented me from continuing my running practice. Flux was supposed to be temporary. It’s now February 2016 and almost 5 years later I’ve never looked back and I couldn’t be happier. When I started training at Flux I was overweight; I lacked any upper body strength, I wasn’t a strong mover and I didn’t lift weights. Today, I participate in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting classes, I have push ups to the floor, I am attending gymnastics classes regularly and have recently started learning some basics in vaulting and rolls. I guess you could say I’m learning to be a generalist.

In the summer of 2015 I participated in the Executive Coaching program offered at Flux. I wanted to push myself and improve my overall strength. I focused on Powerlifting during which time I added 36.8kg (81 lbs) to my total in 15 weeks of training. I am so proud of what I accomplished in such a short period of time. I’m currently working towards a 300 lbs back squat.

What I particularly like about Flux is the sense of community it provides to all members. The programming is accessible for everyone from the beginner to the competitive athlete and everyone works out together. Coach Darci and her team are knowledgeable and adapt all workouts for each individual which you don’t often find in a group setting. They know each and everyone of us on a personal level. They are truly a gym for every body.

I am currently working towards a 300lbs back squat.
— Shara Auty