Thursday, March 15, 2018

A. NOTE: Have 1 -3 people begin at any of the three stations.

3 Rounds (Not For Time)

renegade rows x 12

Stick Jumps x 8

B1. Cat rail QM end to end x 1 length. See how many attempts it takes you to get end to end. x 3 sets

B2. parkour rolls from QM gallop. Your goal is to seamlessly transition from gallop to roll, going as quickly as possible. x 3 lengths x 3 sets

C. take both vaults and set them up any way you want. Play a game of add on with 1 or 2 people. Going up to 5 movements.





Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A. 15 minutes of joint prep, connective tissue work and some general bouncing - please draw on Form Work only. Work from feet first and travel upwards

B. Hanging

60 sec hang

sec on 1 arm or repeat 60 sec hang

15-30 side to side swing (with or without liftoff). This can be done with feet touching floor. x 1 set

FIFO x 6-8 or repeat the side to side swing x 1 set


Every 2 minutes, Thrusters:

Set 1. 6-8

Set 2. 6-8

Set 3. 4-6

Set 4. 4-6

Set 5. 2-3

If you are being strategic for the open, do the lowest end of the required rep scheme. Do not add weight to last week's numbers.

D. 3 Rounds for TIme:

   Bottoms up KB Press x 6/arm

    Deadlifts x 5-7  Not too heavy. Please reset at the bottom of each rep. Do not drop the bar on the eccentric. Remember that we have the Open Workout on Friday. 

    double unders x 40