This is a difficult category of classes to describe but is essentially committed to rigorous physical experimentation and practice. The content is constantly changing based on the current research of the Flux School of Human Movement teachers.

Darci has committed well over 500 hours learning under both Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt. Ido and Odelia have done numerous residencies at Flux that last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks at a time. On any given day of their residency, our teachers will easily put in 4 hours a day of learning and training. The result is that Flux has built and continues to build a process and a methodology around movement practices.

These classes are of course, open to all abilities. You can expect to constantly expose yourself to new physical challenges and movement patterns. It is highly influenced by Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt, the work of Fighting Monkey, and capoeira. We also combine acrobatics elements. Finally, we address joint resiliency and mobility limitations and possibilities.

When you commit to a movement class you will experience and appreciate an ever expanding horizon of movement freedom and creativity.

While the specific content is often changing, here is a list of our current Movement classes and a basic description:

Movement is Life/Integrative Movement Practice (Thursdays 5:30pm, Saturdays 12pm) is our beginner movement class, designed for folks who might need a little bit more attention to meet their health and fitness goals. It is gentle but also challenging when appropriate. The focus is to improve mobility, strength and overall movement capabilities through a variety of methods, including, but not limited to - games, puzzles, partner work and movement situations.

*This class is also available as a session available to the general public, find more information here.

Locomotion (Mondays 5:30pm) is the original Flux Movement class focusing on the elements of the "game" of movement. It includes components of capoeira and the basic movements used in other classes. The class focuses on low-gait movements, including drills to improve and lead to progressions within the movements. The movements can be playful and fun. It is one of our most popular movement classes. 

Snakes and Ladders (Fridays 11am) is about moving the body from low to high and high to low. It incorporates drills to further develop jumping and rotational power. Expect an emphasis on how to incorporate spinal flexion and extension into transitions and low gait transitions through locomotive "running" patterns. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to compliment their strength and conditioning work with movement prowess. Beginners are more than welcome and material will be well thought out for all levels.

Flying Pigs (Thursdays 6:30pm) is a beginner acrobatics class dedicated to teaching the basic mechanics of jumping, landing, twisting, and flipping using just momentum and ground reaction force.

Upside Down (Tuesdays 5:30pm) is a class dedicated to all things inverted - hand-balancing, dynamic transitions, different types of cartwheels, etc. If you need that extra time to get comfortable upside down, this is the class for you. The added benefit is that you will get super mobile and strong in your shoulders.

Movement Interaction (Saturdays 10am) involves a combination of structured partner movement games, partner techniques and specific skills from the movement world (for example rolling, cartwheel variations, and low gait and quadrupedal locomotion) with an ultimate focus on partner work. Come explore your social nature, hone your movement intuition, and reap the creative benefits of play!

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Open to all: members & non-members welcome!