what is mobility?

There is a common tendency to conflate mobility and flexibility. Mobility is best understood as flexibility and strength combined. Flexibility is passive, whereas mobility is active. Mobility is about much more than simply 'stretching.' We believe every individual must learn how to activate, mobilize and stabilize their body in various movement situations. If your range of motion is poor, or you display poor activation and stabilization in an end range of motion position, this class is for you. Typically, we begin each session with joint preparation followed by active and loaded 'stretching'.

These are our current Mobility classes, and to see our complete daily schedule go to MindBody:

Just Mobility Shoulders (Mondays 6:30pm)

Just Mobility Hips (Tuesdays 6:30pm) 

Just Mobility Spine (Sundays 12pm)

All mobility classes are included in Flux Memberships, join us today!