Jen Hammer Principal Coach

I came to Flux in October of 2010 because I wanted to try some new skills and I liked the idea of having a coach to help me progress in my goal of getting faster and stronger, in order to feel healthy and vital, to move my body through the world with greater ease. The support of the Flux community and passionate coaching were so much more inspiring and effective than the fitness industry magazines, treadmills and cable/pulley machines I had been trying before.

I have come to identify with the philosophy of adaptability and freedom in human movement and I take great joy in helping others to realize their body’s potential for work and play. I am an FRC Mobility Specialist Level 1, Level 1 CrossFit coach, have attended Ido Portal's and Odelia Goldschmidt's workshops at Flux four separate times over the past several years and have had the opportunity to train intensively under Odelia Goldschmidt since beginning my coaching career here in March of 2014, taken workshops with Pierre Augé and Alexander Varbanov for Olympic Weightlifting, trained intensively with Amir Solsky for Capoeira having achieved my green belt in November of 2015, experienced the Fighting Monkey workshop and spent time training with Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea of RootlessRoot Dance Co. I have trained countless hours under the guidance of Darci Anderson and the other very knowledgeable and caring coaches at Flux since I came here as an athlete in 2010.