Flux exceeded my expectations. We all knew kids like Dawson and Tyler would be successful because they are natural talents, but the work Flux did with Reagan Stanley to me is the most amazing transformation I’ve ever witnessed. I will for sure be recommending Flux to other parents.
The boys realize how much working out helped them when they started to see their gains. Slowly but surely they started to understand that working out gives them the edge on the field.
Most of my boys who worked out with Flux are high level football players now.
— Coach Brandon Brooks, North Central Lakers

who are we?

Flux Community Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that supports Flux School of Human Movement’s commitment to the promotion and accessibility of movement, play, sport, the physical arts, and education in health and urban ecology.

In 2015, Flux Community Inc. was established as a registered not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-political organization to support the local community, particularly youth and families in Regina, by providing subsidized education and coaching with a focus on improving movement and nutrition.


Cherie Johns

Leila Dueck

Yvonne Slobodian

Jessica Artemenko

Kirk Englot

Laverne Stevenson
Fundraising Committee Chair

Did you know?

Flux is accessible

Flux School of Human Movement has led the way in movement education and for many years our school has provided a platform for progressive and innovative practices in the movement arts.  Flux is the only organization teaching parkour in Regina. It was the first to introduce adult gymnastics, acrobatics, and bouldering classes in Regina. It is the first capoeira club in Saskatchewan. Flux believes that by working together with community partners, it can focus energy and resources on building stronger communities. Flux strives to provide equal access and participation for all.

Flux is dedicated to education

In addition to movement education, Flux is also dedicated to providing holistic health education opportunities to our community. These are facilitated through periodic “Speaker’s Series” sessions that both members and non-members are invited to attend. Food is one of our most basic needs – giving us the nourishment we need to survive and the strength to face life’s challenges. Through the Flux Community Garden and on-going discussions on real food, the goal is to continue to provide access to nutrient rich food and expand its community garden efforts.

Flux is an active member of our community

Flux strives to foster a community, culture, and philosophy that intertwines movement with health, art, and ecology.

how can you help?

Through the generosity of our community, we hope to enhance our subsidized youth and family memberships, by offering opportunities for members to donate directly to the fees and costs associated with providing free youth and family access. We will also present sponsorship opportunities for local businesses.


Volunteers enrich our community through their commitment to giving back to others and their desire to make a better community for all. As a not-for-profit organization, Flux Community Inc. operates with minimal support staff and relies on the assistance of volunteers to make events and programs available to the community in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Flux Community Inc. is a Saskatchewan not-for-profit organization and is applying to Canada Revenue Agency for a registered charity status.

Flux Community Inc. would like to thank
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