Charity Marsh Business Director, Co-Owner of Flux School of Human Movement

Flux School of Human Movement is physical culture at its finest. At the heart of Flux is our commitment to assist our members in achieving a high quality of life through an emphasis on movement, while simultaneously fostering ethical relationships to food, to the body, and to the communities in which we live. Darci and I understand that what a high quality of life means and how it is achieved may look different for each individual who walks through our door. It is this mandate and our philosophy on movement freedom, strength, and mobility, which sets us apart from other gyms and fitness cultures. Flux is challenging and rewarding. Flux provokes, protests, and celebrates. Flux is truly special.

In all honesty, I initially came on board with Flux to support Darci's dream, and subsequently, Flux has come to play an integral role in my overall well-being. I believe that living a healthy life means moving efficiently, eating good quality foods, lifting weights (meaning both my body and external objects), being surrounded by children, making time to play, and communing with people of all ages and athletic abilities. This is what Flux offers me every day.

In my "other life" I am the Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Popular Music, and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance at the University of Regina. My research is interdisciplinary and encompasses popular culture, arts and athleticism, and more recently, theorizes contemporary perspectives concerning community health, with a specific focus on Indigenous youth cultures in western and northern Canada. I am also the Director of the IMP Labs (Interactive Media and Performance Labs), another space of play with creative technologies associated with hip hop! As you can see my worlds bleed into one another.

Flux is driven by research and a willingness to embrace curiosity.

Ph.D, Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies, York University, Toronto, 2005
MA, Women's Studies, York university, Toronto, 1999
BA, Women's Studies and German, University of Ottawa, 1998
BMus, University of Ottawa, 1997

Movement, Floreio, Gymnastics, Mobility
Ido Portal 10-day Movement Camp, Haifa, Israel (August 2011)
Ido Portal Workshops at Flux (June 2010, September 2011, January 2012)
Odelia Goldschmidt at Flux (June, November, May 2013)
Fighting Monkey Workshop with RootlessRoot at Flux (March 2015)

Intensive Teacher Training with Amir Solsky, aka Mestre Parafina of Capoeira Los Angeles (May 2015)

Olympic Weightlifting
Agatsu Weightlifting Certification with Pierre Augé
Varbanov School of Weightlifting with Alex Varbanov

CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Kids - Jeff Martin and Mikki Martin
CrossFit Gymnastics - Jeff Tucker CrossFit
Olympic Lifting - Mike Bergener
CrossFit Movement and Mobility - Kelly Starrett

Certification on Paleolithic Nutrition, given by Robb Wolf
Western A. Price