Ariane Desrosiers Manager of Business Operations & Coach

I grew up in Rimouski, QC, in a downhill skiing obsessed family. I never considered myself particularly athletic (still don't!) but spent 15-20 hours per week on the slopes, first as a competitor, then as a coach. I moved to Regina in 2005 to pursue a BFA in Film & Video Production and I basically stopped moving. Flux came to the rescue in summer 2009. I was quickly hooked (although originally terrified), drawn in by the community, but especially the challenge.

I started my coaching journey with Flux School of Human Movement when I attended a CrossFit Olympic Lifting seminar in December 2009, and soon after, CrossFit Level 1 (March 2010). Pursuing knowledge is my favorite aspect of Flux. I am also certified Agatsu Level 1 Weightlifting (Pierre Augé seminar; October 2011), and have trained under Olympic medalist Alexander Varbanov. I have explored the world of movement in numerous workshops by Flux mentors, Ido Portal & Odelia Goldschmidt and more recently experienced the Fighting Monkey Practice with Jozef Fruzek and Linda Kapetanea of RootlessRoot. I have participated in multiple capoeira intensives with Mestre Parafina (Amir Solksy) of Capoeira Los Angeles. As of December 2015, I have been officially "baptized" in the world of capoeira and have my green corda (belt).

As a coach, I especially enjoy helping people discover their inner athlete and witnessing new accomplishments. The best is teaching someone a movement, from breaking it down to its parts, to putting it back together, and then seeing their face when they finally get it!

As of December 2013, I am the Manager of Business Operations at Flux School of Human Movement. I'm very excited to be spending more time at gym, as a coach and to organize community events, scheduling classes, workshops and lectures, meeting new members, managing the website & social media, etc.