REMOTE coaching program

The purpose of this program is to offer everyone access to the Flux School of Human Movement program methodology, even if you do not have access to our facility & coaches. The following is included in the Remote Coaching Program:

  • initial 1 hour consult (in person, by phone, or video call)
  • monthly individualized program prescription
  • ongoing email support & video analysis
  • 1 private training session every 6 weeks (or check-in consultation)
  • nutritional support

The cost for this program is $275 (+GST) per month.

Who should take part in this program?

If you are a Flux student who no longer lives in Regina. Or if you have very specific goals in mind and your local Globo gym machines aren't cutting it anymore. For instance, perhaps you want to work on complex ring routines or achieve a 1 arm handstand. Or maybe you want to become more efficient in olympic weightlifting, or qualify for CrossFit Regionals, this is the program that will get you there.
Or perhaps you have injuries that you are working through and require very specific rehabilitation.

interested? contact us!

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