Jane McLeod

I got into coaching after attending the level 1 certification in Edmonton. I went to the cert in order to expand my knowledge and gain an understanding of how to cue and correct a lot of the basic movements in CrossFit, and so I could help out at the gym (as at the time Darci was the only coach). I could often see when movements weren't quite right, but I didn't have the deeper knowledge of what exactly was wrong or how to correct those movements. After I attended the level 1 CrossFit Cert, I came back and started coaching. The more I coached the more I really enjoyed the process of coaching people.
I love analyzing a movement and being able to see what isn't quite right and providing correction, as well as seeing a good clean movement performed by an athlete. I take a sense of pride in seeing the improvement of people that I coach and workout with. It is still amazing to me to see the progress a person can make, when they commit, listen to their coach, and push through. I am amazed every day when I coach, which is pretty special.
I have since further expanded my knowledge. I have trained with Darci, Ido, Odelia and Pierre and feel really thankful to have had the opportunities. That may be my favourite thing about being a coach at Flux, Darci, aside from being an excellent coach/mentor herself, strives to always bring in new people/ideas and programming, and because I coach at Flux I get to be involved and part of some amazing opportunities and events.