Flux Parkour - new classes!


Kids/Teens Beginner Parkour (ages 5+)
starting April 4th - Mon/Wed @ 6:30pm
6-week session $150 + GST

Obstacle Course Training
starting April 19th - Tues/Thur @ 6:30pm
6-week session $200 + GST

Adult Beginner Parkour
starting May 3rd - Tues/Thur @ 5:30pm
6-week session $200 + GST

*Session fees include unlimited access to open gym at 1400 McIntyre during 6 week session.

*Flux members can use 12 credits from their memberships to 'pay' for 6-week sessions. Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Flux Youth Parkour Mondays @ 5:30 / Fridays @ 6:30 / Saturdays @ noon (now moved to 1400 McIntyre)
Flux Kids (Porch Pups & Big Dawgs) Thursdays @ 6:30  (now moved to 1400 McIntyre) / Sundays @ 10:00 (3424 13th Avenue)

Flux Intramural - CrossFit Open 2016

The CrossFit Open starts in 8 days!

The hardest part is signing up; so congratulations to everyone who put their name on the list so far!

This is how it works:
Weekly workouts will be announced on Thursdays. Flux Training Streams on Fridays will be the Open WOD of week for the duration of the Open (there will also be a 'Flux Blend' option on Fridays).
You will have a second opportunity to do the Open WOD on Sundays at 10am.

For people officially signed up for the CrossFit Open, you have until Monday to post your results. You must post your result before the cutoff to not be disqualified.

Read this article for the inspiration behind the Flux Intramural.

You have one more week to sign up for the Intramural (on the bulletin board) and the CrossFit Open 2016.

How to Make Gains in Gymnastics

Ok fine folks!

Please read this and take my advice.

One of the most important distinctions between gymnastics and CrossFit metcons is that the former focuses on small motor skills while the latter focuses on gross motor skills.  This means that when doing gymnastics based movements you can't simply give it your all and hope for the best.  You must be more detailed! The golden rule of strength training is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.  For the most part, bodyweight movements become increasingly complex by increasing the LEVER LENGTH. With weight lifting, it is much less complicated - if you add more weight to the bar compared to last time, you know you are getting stronger.  This means that when you are doing a bodyweight movement, you must MEASURE!  Here's an example using the HSPU. Let's say you are working on both the concentric and eccentric phase of the movement and you are in a pike position.  What should you measure? You measure and RECORD your hand placement, your foot placement and your head placement.  Otherwise, how do you know if you have progressed the next time if you have nothing to compare it to?


On the press to handstand, ask yourself, is my head touching the wall? How many plates are required to press up? How far are my hands from the wall.  For the pull-up and chin-up, is part of my body touching the bar at my peak contraction? Am I reaching with my neck? Am I protracting? How far apart am I placing my hands? You need to ask yourself all of these questions.

Next week, we will be testing your 3-4 rep max on the hspu. Please make sure you have all of the details figured out before that.

- Coach Darci