Flux Community Garden - updates

The Flux Community Garden project is well underway and thriving in the hot weather and sunny days.

We are harvesting a first batch of leafy greens today. Please take some home with you!

Many thanks to our generous partners in this community project:

Burns to Shine Cleaning Service

Savaria Public Relations

TriCor Mechanical

YWCA Regina

Prairie Paleo Meals

Sam Lok Realtor - Century 21

Street Culture Project Inc.

and many helping hands from the Flux community!

The end of the Heal Your Gut Challenge

Hi everyone!

We are hosting a potluck this Saturday to celebrate the end of the Heal Your Gut Challenge.
There's even an event on Facebook!

Challenge participants:
We need to hear about how you did in the last 6 weeks!

Send me an email ( with your testimonial; include your points, failures & successes, what was easy/what was hard and what you learned.

You could win some great prizes! (and you don't have to be at the potluck to win, but we'd like to see you!)

Here's a reminder of the Challenge guidelines:

-no sugar; no cheat days
-no alcohol
-no gluten
-no dairy
-eat organ meat once per week
-make bone broth; drink 1 cup per day
-consume 30 different plant matter per week
-sleep in a dark room
-turn off electronics 1 hour before bed
-workout 4 hours per week
-eat fermented food every day
-eat resistant starch every day
-take high quality fish oil
-take magnesium and zinc


-Flux gear
-massage therapy gift certificate with Heidi
-Cool Springs Ranch gift certificate
-Rogue gear
-pair of Innov8

from the Flux archives!
from the Flux archives!

Flux Potluck

Hi All,

We will be holding a Flux Potluck THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 9th from 5 to 9 pm at MvTavish. We will be announcing the winners of our food challenge as well.!Please keep sending me your thoughts on our latest challenge. I need to know how things went for you.

Remember Cool Springs pick up is between 4 and 5pm so we will start things going at 5pm.  This potluck is definitely for the whole family so please bring your partner, children!

For all our NEW Flux Members, this is a great opportunity to get to know folks in the Flux community! 

Coach Darci and Charity



Food Challenge Update

Hi all,
If you would be so kind as to send me as much information as possible regarding your experiences and outcomes for this last food challenge. I am interested in the qualitative and quantitative.  Inches lost, weight lost, etc. Number of points you gained.  Your experiences. Did you find the cooking time consuming? How did the challenge affect your social life? Eating out and drinks with friends. Did your kids get involved? Whatever you think is relevant! Please email me your responses.

Thanks so much. We are looking at having a end of challenge party as well.

Coach D