Thursday, August 29, 2019

Joint Prep x 10 min

A1. Shoulder Warm Up C

A2. 360 degree stick rotation x 10/direction

A3. Ape step

B. Every 3-4 minutes:

cleans x 3 reps x 5 sets

OR: deadlifts x 6-8 x 4 sets

C. Every 4 minutes x 5 sets

Ring Dips x 5 (make sure you have a 1 sec in the support hold. Long term, your shoulders will thank you for the turn out!)

shuttle sprints x 5 lengths

Hang Power Clean x 5 95/135 lbs

NOTE: the reps are on the hang power clean are lower than last week and a bit heavier. Aim to go heavier this week.

NOTE: for the pulling - some of you should do 3 strict muscle ups