Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Warm Up x 10 min of joint prep

first drill of handbalancing warm up sequence (do both legs)

A. This is our last week of our cycle. Let's see how the cleans have shaped up!

Warm up for cleans x 5 minutes

Every 2 minutes x 6 sets:

Min 1: Clean high pull plus clean x 5 (around half of your max)

Min 2-6 - work up to a 2 rep max

For those that are not ready to test maxes:

Every 2 minutes x 8 sets:

clean grip deadlift plus clean high pull plus power clean x 2 reps (around 20-40 kg under your max)

On your last 2 sets: 

clean x 2 reps (5-10 kg under your max)

Another Alternative to A.

Every 2 minutes x 5 sets:

Deadlift x 6-8 reps

B. Every minute on the minute x 4 sets:

Min 1: Ring Dips x 4/8

Min 2: pistols x 10 (5/leg)

Min 3: ring support hold x 15-30 sec (can also do from a push up position in neutral grip or support hold)

Min 4: box jump overs x 10 (note: I encourage you to use a vault for this one as well. Use the step or speed vault to get over a taller than normal box).