Saturday, June 9, 2017

10 min of joint prep (please start to teach the FM spinal undulation - not the Tom Weksler one)

Folks who take our mobility classes will be familiar with this.

A. Every 4 minutes x 4 sets

push press x 5-7 (go up if you hit 7 reps)

Strict Toes to Bar - advanced 5-7, beginners: 8-10 reps Everyone at a tempo of 31x1

double Unders x 30

Please do not rush on this. You should have plenty of rest time.

B. 15 min AMRAP of locomotion:

1st or second progression lizard x 1 length

Mr. Tiki Tiki (easier version)

arm windmill (1st or 2nd progression x 1 length (change direction halfway)

step behind x 1 length

NOTE: Your goal is to work at a pace similar to a hike. Find a steady pace that you can sustain