Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A. 15 minutes of joint prep, connective tissue work and some general bouncing - please draw on Form Work only. Work from feet first and travel upwards

B. Hanging

60 sec hang

sec on 1 arm or repeat 60 sec hang

15-30 side to side swing (with or without liftoff). This can be done with feet touching floor. x 1 set

FIFO x 6-8 or repeat the side to side swing x 1 set

C. Every 2 minutes, Thrusters:

Set 1. 6-8

Set 2. 6-8

Set 3. 4-6

Set 4. 4-6

Set 5. 2-3

Set 6. 2-3

Beginners will use a higher rep scheme tbd by your coach.

D.  3 Rounds for Time

    KB power clean to push press x 20 (alternate sides)

     burpee box jump overs x 15 (Or, if your feet clear the box without touching, do 9 reps). This will require either a kong vault over the box or a speed vault.