Friday, February 16, 2018

Warm up x 10 minutes

A.Windmill Progression #1 x 1 length (non dynamic or static hold x 30 sec)

step behind x 1 length

Windmill progression 2 or repeat #1 progression

2 sets

Step Behind x 1 length (just do your best to tuck the knee behind and go as deep as you feel comfortable). As you warm up, you will probably be able to pass through a deeper range of motion.

B.  Thrusters AMRAP in 45 sec 85/125 lbs

    Rest 15 sec

   Kipping Pull ups AMRAP in 45 sec

   Rest 2 minutes

3 sets

NOTE: pulling options:

jumping ring chin ups x 6-8

Ring Rows - no hinge @ 21x1 x 8-10

C1. trap 3 raises 8-10 on bench

C2. cuban rotations x 8-10

3 sets; rest 60 sec between movements