Monday, November 3, 2018


A.5 min of Joint Prep - include wrists and hamstrings for handbalancing

B.FM - Stepping This is a great way to warm up the joints and soft tissue and to wake up the nervous system. Work with a partner for approximately 45 sec and then switch roles. Coaches; take it slowly and don’t worry about the orientation of the head. 4 sets

C. chest to wall handstand x 1 set

60 sec, 30 sec or 45 sec. Pick a distance from the wall that enables you to hit one of those 3 times under tension

A. AMRAP in 45 sec: strict Toes to Bar or knees to chest @ 31x1

THe point is to build the compression strength through the lower back as well as the arch scap pull, so don’t worry how high your toes or knees get.

Rest 45 sec

AMRAP in 45 sec Double Under or Single Unders

REst 45 sec

5 sets

B. AMRAP in 15 minutes:

DB push press x 10 left arm 35/55 lbs

DB push press x 10 right arm

goblet squat x 15 35/55 lbs (beginners use a plate and extend out as a counterbalance)

burpees x 7