Tuesday, November 20, 2018

5 minutes of Joint Prep

A1. Low gait -coaches’ choice x 1 length x 3 sets

A2. Trap 3 raises against the wall from a standing position x 10 reps plus 10 sec hold x 3 sets

B. Take your snatch 1RM from the last cycle and do the following:

Every 3 minutes x 5 sets:

Snatch high pull plus snatch x 3-4 reps

set 2-5 do 2-3 reps

first set at about 20 kg under your max.

Alternatives:continue with OHS - every 2 minutes x 6-8 reps

C. Every 4 minutes x 4 sets

Strict pulling (minimum of 6-8 reps ) or if doing ring rows 8-10 reps. All at 31x1

QM gallop around the course (change direction each time)

Burpees x 6-12