Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Take 5 minutes after joint prep to work on the kick up to handstand.

A. Every 3 minutes x 5 sets

strict hpsu x 5-7

cleans x 5-7

NOTE: for the cleans, pick a weight that is heavy(ish) but that doesn't require more than 3 seconds to reset. Go up in weight with each set if you hit 7 with the appropriate amount of reset time.

Also, if you only manage 5 or 6 cleans on the last set then you probably picked an appropriate weight.

NOTE: For the hpsu -  if you can't do the full ROM, go to a height. Be honest with yourself! If you are barely bending your elbows, you are far better off doing a ddhspu.

hspu can be be done chest or back to wall

cleans - can also do db cleans.

B. AMRAP in 7 minutes:

push press or jerk x 12 75/115 lbs

box jumps x 12 20/24"

Rest exactly 60 sec

C. AMRAP kipping chest to bar pull (chin) ups in 2 minutes

Other options:

AMRAP jumping ring chin ups (progression 1-3)

AMRAP Ring rows (no hinge) @ 31x3

NO Bands for kipping.