Thursday, January 18, 2018

A. Hanging and Brachiation:

60 sec hang

30 sec/arm or repeat 60 sec

side to side swing x 12-20 reps (lift hand of comfortable). x 2 sets

traverse forward x 4-6 lengths x 2 sets

traverse backwards into eagle grip x 4-6 lengths x2 sets

Partner up and play 1 game of add on to 5.

B. Parkour Rolls x 10/side x 3 sets

C. Every 4 minutes x 5 sets

With your partner, transfer the sandbag to the top of the wall and return to home base. Bag cannot touch the floor or the floor of the box. x 2 reps

Partner handstand walks across the floor. If the entire length of the floor is too far, please simply lower the legs and do the full length if possible. Change roles