Thursday, November 9, 2017

A. Obstacle Course

1. Traverse the pull up rig

2. Jump over all three vaults

3. stride jump from box to box x 4 (each time your feet touch the ground it is a 20 sec penalty)

4. Precision land on rail from last box (must demonstrate control for 3 sec). 20 sec penalty

women's distance -

men's distance -

5. wall climb and top out

men's tallest wall

women's second tallest wall

If you do it without a 20 inch or 12 inch box respectively, you get 20 sec shaved off your time.

Rest 3 minutes


B. Farmer Carries x 6 lengths

women 70 lbs/arm Use KBs

men 110/arm

Rest 3 minutes


C. bb Overhead lunge x 2 lengths

     men 95 lbs

      women 65 lbs

Rest 2 min




Transfer the sandbags to the second tallest wall and then transfer back to home base