Thursday, November 23, 2017

Warm up

5 minutes of joint prep

5 min of swinging and hanging prep

A. sandbag sprint - carry all of the sandbags for one  end of the gym to the other.

Zero seconds rest

 Farmer Carry 4 lengths of gym (if you are using 70 lbs/arm or less, use kettlebells or dumbbells) (should be able to do at a brisk pace but not running)

zero seconds rest

Rest 3 minutes

3 sets

Take 10 minutes to go over part B. - in particular the knee wrap to get on top of the bar

B. Channel your innner monkey. Part B is not for time. It is more of a puzzle than anything so take your time.

Get on top of the pull up rig and traverse on top of the bars to the end. You can also choose to sloth under the bar as well

Ideas to play with: aim to not touch the floor the entire length.

Transitions from 1 bar segment to another.






hanging and swinging to warm up for lache

go through lache technique and practice (Darci)

go through Tic Tac technique and practice (Jered)

A. traverse 1/2 of the pull up rig

     jump from point A to Point B without touching the ground (Top Out)

     rope climb x 1

      vaults x 2

      lache to target x 1 (option 2 is 12 side swings)

do the course 3 times

The first two course runs are not for time.

B. Roll to push up x 10 reps x 3 sets; rest 90 sec.