Monday, August 16, 2015

400 meter run
5 min joint prep
for advanced: kick up to wall support handstand and bring butt into wall x 2 sets of 20 sec.
Less advanced: weighted Bodyline shoulder openers x 10 reps plus 30 sec hold x 2 sets

A. Every 3 minutes, perform 2 snatches x 6 sets
80%, 85%, 90%, 90%, 90%, 90%
If you hit your first couple sets @ 90%, add a bit more weight. 1 fail is acceptable, but I want more success than failure.

5 sets of 3 hang power snatch plus snatch. Go up in weight with each set. Power is fine.

B. Every 3 minutes, perform 2 clean and jerks x 6 sets
80%, 85%, 90%, 90%, 90%, 90%
Very advanced might not be able to sustain these percentages. I would much rather give each of you a concrete number but in a group setting this is not possible. That being said, I have committed many of your maxes to memory so don't be surprised if some of you get numbers rather than percentages.

BEginner: 5 sets of 3 clean and jerk.

C. 3 Rounds For Time:
Row x 500 meters
Double Unders x 50