Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 min of joint prep
400 meter run at 50%
passive squat with a focus on ankle flexion
squat to forearms touching floor coupled with tall chest squat x 10 reps with 10 sec hold on last rep
30-60 sec passive hang then 1 arm hang for 10-30 sec
If you are doing muscle ups, 2 pull ups and 2 ring dips as prep.

A1. L sit x 30 sec
A2. Pistols x 10
A3. Strict Ring Muscle Ups x 2-5 reps  (may use a spot if you have a kipping muscle up)
3 sets
Not For Time
Rest about 30-60sec between movements.

No muscle up? Strict pulling @ 51x3 x 3-4 reps

B. High Hang Power Clean 30 sec of work/30 sec of rest x 7 sets @ 50-60% of your max.

C. Rope Sled Pull Every 2 minutes x 12 sets