Thursday, May 28, 2015

Joint Prep for 5 minutes
Run 400 meters at 50% intensity
A1. passive hanging for 30-60 sec.
A2. protracted push ups @ 31x3 x 10 reps
A3. diagonal stretch x 5/side
A4. 1 arm active hang (coach's choice)
A. Alternating on the minute, do 3 power clean and power jerk @ 65-70 % of your max.

On the other minute, do 5 strict hspu (to a deficit if possible) or strict db or kb press x 7 reps.

Do this for 10 minutes.

B. In 2 minutes:
Wall balls x 25 14/20 lbs
AMRAP double unders in remaining time.
Rest exactly 30 sec
5 sets