Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Warm Up
5 min of head to toe joint prep

A1. trap 3 stick raises from stomach in supinated grip x 10 reps plus 10 sec hold
A2. sissy squats 10 plus 10 sec hold- can anyone reach the floor? Some of you are very close.
A3. brachiation 1 easy progression followed by a more challenging progression
2 sets

A. Hang Snatch
3 sets of 3 all at same weight. On the heavier side but it is too heavy if you miss more than a total of 2 reps. Follow this with 1 single at a heavier weight. You have 30 minutes to complete this. 

B1. strict hspu to floor
 Advanced: @ 51X2 x 3-5 reps (you are advanced if you can do 5 strict hspu (CF style) to the floor).

Intermediate: @ 4122 x 5-7 reps (add plates) 

Beginner: On a box @ 30x1 x 5-7 reps

I need to see those elbows going backwards. If it doesn't happen, the coach will take you back a progression. Let's build a proper foundation.

Rest 60 sec between sets 
4 sets of each

B2. strict toes to bar
strict toes to bar @ 31x1 x 5-7 reps
Intermediate:  3-5 kipping toes to bar with a 3 sec eccentric
Beginner: 5 knees to chest with a 3 sec eccentric

C. 5 Rounds For Time:
Power Snatch x 5 75/115 lbs
Toes To Bar x 9
Wall Balls x 15