Wednedsay, April 15, 2015

Warm Up
5 minutes of head to toe joint prep
A. Resting Squat x 60 sec

B1. 45-60 sec passive hang x 1 set
B2. low gate locomotion x 1 length

C1. next progression on hanging. Coach's choice. Hanging is absolutely essential to shoulder integrity. x 1 set

C2. 20 band pull aparts. Depress and Retract (in other words, get your shoulders away from your ears). Hold each rep for 1 full second. x 1 set
D. Fighting Monkey Partner Squat x 5 sec hold x 5 sets

A. Snatch Balance
5 sets of 3 @ 60-70% of your max. Coaches, please use your discretion on this. If mobility is a limiting factor, have them do first and second position.

B. Every 6 minutes x 5 sets:
12 OHS 65/95 lbs
15 chest to bar kipping pull ups
20 burpees