Thursday, April 16, 2015

5 minutes of head to toe joint prep.

A1. spinal squat wave x 10 reps (1 rep equals both directions of the wave)
A2. shublule squat x 10 reps (5/side)
A3. easy hanging progression followed by a more challenging progression. Coach's choice.  

A. Snatch High Pulls
3 sets of 5 reps @ 20 lbs over your max snatch.

Let's see perfect reps on these. Legs, legs, legs on that first pull! Don't shoot the butt up. Make sure the bar slides up your thigh. Don't hump the bar. Elbows to the sky and bar past the chest and nose. Extend, extend, extend!

B. Muscle Up practice. Iso holds, eccentrics, russian dips, ring dips, bar dips, push ups

C. 45 sec Hang Power Clean 95/135 lbs
    15 sec rest
    45 sec shoulder taps
    15 sec rest
    45 sec Kipping Toes to Bar
    Rest 60 sec
    4 sets