Saturday, April 10, 2015

Warm Up
5 min of head to toe joint prep
60 sec x 1 set grappling progression 2

A1. trap 3 stick raises from stomach in supinated grip x 10 reps plus 10 sec hold
A2. sissy squats 10 plus 10 sec hold- can anyone reach the floor? Some of you are very close.
A3. Fighting Monkey arm circles x 20 each direction
A4. brachiation 1 easy progression immediately followed by a more challenging progression
1 set

A. thrusters x 45 sec 95/135 lbs
     kipping chest to bar pull ups x 45 sec
     Rest 4 minutes.  
     5 sets

B. 4 Rounds for Time:
     Run 400 meters
     21 KB Swings 35/55 lbs