Monday, March 2, 2015

5 minute of head to toe joint prep 
A1. Cossack insertion x 2 lengths
A2. hands close together "on the beach" x 7 reps
A3. pistols x 10 reps
A4. 5 hips snaps 
2 sets

A. Box Jumps
Advanced: AMRAP in 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
6 sets

NOTE: You must do touch and go on the box jumps and make it a true plyometric. Hips will open up as you jump off the box.

B. Every 2 minutes:
3 clean and jerk at 80-90% of your max plus 7 burpees x 5 sets

Less advanced will be at 90%.

Beginners: 5 clean and jerk plus 5 burpees. Rest 2 minutes x 5 sets. Go up in weight with each set.

C. AMRAP in 6 minutes:
OHS x 9 65/95 
Shoulder taps x 30