Saturday, February 21, 2015

A. 1 wrist prep movement

B. shoulder circles with torso twist x 10 each direction 

C. Run like a dog/monkey? 1 round each direction Go Fast!

D1. 4 bridge wall walks x 2 sets

D2. trap 3 stick raises x 10 reps with 10 sec hold x 2 sets

D3. ostrich walk 1/2 length x 2 sets

A. TGU Fun
Advanced: go to a 1RM on each arm with a barbell. Take 15 min.
Intermediate: 3 RM on each arm with a KB. Take 15 min
Beginner: 5 reps/arm x 3 sets

B.  Touch and Go Power Clean and Jerks
See Jan 19, 2015, Jan 30, 2015
NOTE: if you did this last week, either stay with same weight, and aim for extra reps, or begin with a slightly higher percentage. 

Every minute, do 5 reps. In the first minute I want about 55%, second minute, 60%, third minute 65%, fourth minute 70%, fifth minute 75% and so on until failure.

Beginners: 5 x 5 (go up with each set).

C. Tabata Toes to Bar x 8 sets.
Intermediate: amrap in 60 sec. rest 60 sec x 4 sets
Beginners: 8 arch scap pullings with a 3 sec hold. Drop off bar and then I want 5 good swings x 4 sets; rest 60 sec.