Flux Intramural - CrossFit Open 2015

The CrossFit Open starts this week!

The hardest part is signing up; so congratulations to everyone who put their name on the list!

This is how it works:
Weekly workouts will be announced on Thursdays. All Friday WODs will be the Open workout of the week; we will also have a special session reserved for people to do the workout on Sundays at 1pm.
The Sunday session will be a lot of fun! This is the time when you can do the workout as a team; wear a costume, etc. (get team spirit points!)
For people officially signed up for the CrossFit Games, you have until Monday to post your results. You must post your result before the cutoff to not be disqualified.

For the Flux Intramural:
1 point for doing the workout of the week
1 point per athlete that finishes in the top three at Flux
5 points for the team with the best spirit each week

Read this article for the inspiration behind the Flux Intramural.

Here are our teams:

You can still sign up for the CrossFit Open 2015 here until tomorrow.