Programming at Flux & Saturday schedule

As many of you know, Mieka, Luke and I have revamped the mobility and the Movement classes. Much like gymnastics, we are on a 6 week cycle for each class. The schedule for Mobility is as follows: Tues - hips/knees, Wed - spine, Thursday - shoulders, Saturday - shoulders, Sunday - spine.
Remember that the Just Mobility is 90 % Isolation, whereas the Movement class focuses on Integration.
Who should be taking these classes? Anyone who wants to improve their mobility and or rehab an injury. Note that the spine and shoulders are allocated 2 days each. The program will be the exact same each session. Take the first couple sessions to make sure you are working on the proper progressions and make sure you can tolerate the time under tension that is prescribed. This is critical as some of the movements will move from 30 sec holds to 45 sec holds in the next phase. If you want to attend 2 shoulder sessions a week you definitely can with this program and the same goes for the spine sessions.
Also note that we removed the Adv. MoMo at McTavish on Saturdays. Everyone will work together at the big gym at 9am.