Thursday, December 11, 2014

A. Pulling Skill work
Advanced: 1 kipping muscle up plus 3-5 ring dips x 8 sets. Rest 2 minutes

Intermediate: This is you if you are not consistent with kipping muscle ups. Do 2-3 attempts x 8 sets. Rest 2 min

Beginners: You have a couple of options:
Ring Dips x 1-5 reps x 8 sets
Bar Dips x 1-5 reps x 8 sets
Push ups x 5-10 reps x 8 sets

If you cannot do a ring dip or a bar dip but you have 10 full push ups, please do a cluster set of eccentrics on either x1.1.1. Each eccentric should be 5 sec x 8 sets.

rest 2 minutes.

B. For Time
calorie row x 30
burpees x 20
KB Swings 55/75 lbs x 20
Shoulder taps 40
Rest 90 sec.