The Great Cubby Clean-up of 2014!

Hi everyone!

Winter is here; that means coats and boots and lots of stuff in our tiny entrance...
Lets try to keep our space under control and as tidy as we can by using the coat racks and boot trays.

We've also added some cubbies to the washroom/change room area! If you've never had one, now is your chance to have a spot for your shoes, tape, skipping rope, etc. If you do have one, please re-claim it by putting a sticker with your name on it.
We need to have at least 2 people per little cubby and at least 3 people per big cubby. You can also add a shelf in the big ones to use the space more effectively (Flux doesn't provide dividers).

Make a gym friend; share a cubby!

Lost & Found

The lost and found bin is by the change rooms; claim your items (put them in your cubby!) this week. I will be donated the leftovers Dec. 1.

Thank you!