Monday, December 1, 2014

A. Equilibre for 15 minutes
Begin with joint prep for the wrists and elbows and shoulders. 
Work on your weakness, for some of you that is handwalking and for others it is handbalancing.
Regardless, everyone begin with the following:
Advanced: 60 sec chest to wall bodyline. Your line should be so perfect that you are actually fighting to keep your toes on the wall. x 1 set
Intermediate: 45 sec x 2 sets.
Beginner: 30 sec x 3 sets
rest 60 sec between sets.
Advanced: Every 90 sec, do 2-4 deficit hspu x 5 sets.

Intermediate: Every 90 sec, do 2-4 strict hspu x 5 sets.

Beginner: Every 90 sec, do 3-5 strict regular or incline push ups x 5 sets. 

C. Every 5 minutes do:
Back Squat x 7 115/155 lbs
Double Unders x 20
Kipping Chest to Bar pull ups x 15
5 sets
See May 19 and Sept 5,  2014