Capoeira workshop at Flux in December

We are very excited to announce a workshop coming to Flux in December!

Darci and Mieka recently spent 1 week in Los Angeles studying capoeira under Contra Mestre Parafina. Their experience was so enlightening and positive that they invited him to share his knowledge and passion for capoeira with you.

Learn all about capoeira's rich history, including its origins as a form of slave rebellion in Brazil. In this workshop you will also learn capoeira songs in Portuguese, and have a chance to play on the berimbaus (music bow) and the atabaque (drum). Finally, you will have an opportunity to participate in the roda (pronounced ho-da), where the GAME of capoeira is played.

If you are interested in dance, martial arts, and acrobatics, you will want to attend this workshop.

Workshop details:
Saturday December 13
9am to 1:30pm with 30 mins lunch break
Location: 3337 15th Avenue (St.Mary Anglican Church gym)
Cost: $75 for Flux members / $100 for non-members

Register for the workshop by filling out this form.
Read more about CM. Parafina

Contra Mestre Parafina’s Journey with Capoeira

In January 1993 I started training Capoeira in Israel. The art itself seemed like a wonderful idea, and the technicalities of the movement were quite basic. I have done a lot of research in the field of movement, after years of traveling to Brazil and doing Capoeira in many countries. This experience opened the door to re-invent myself, discover various movement techniques that are much more efficient, and basically re-programmed the elements of movement that held back my own progression.
Nowadays, in Capoeira Los Angeles, I teach beginner students techniques that could progress them directly and correctly to very advanced movement skills, as well as help established capoeiristas break through bad movement patterns that hold them back from progressing to the next level. I cover the technical portion mostly in the beginner classes and emphasize more of the art and interaction in the advanced classes.
I like to see people come to the understanding that Capoeira has a unique way of communication and I help people break away from the limiting belief that Capoeira is an efficient fighting system, which it is not! I have my students explore its original purpose in developing various martial art skills as well as other self-development skills that come through the art. The end result is a capoeirista that is able to play a sophisticated game, with a high level of body intelligence and high ability to understand and analyze what they see in the roda, using tools that are truly Capoeira solutions to the riddles of the game, not needing to resort to other fighting philosophies.