Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Along with the rest of your warm up, do some ankle and knee prep for the hollow body jumps
Warm up with bodyline/hollow body jumps x 1 length x 5 sets
These are a great deal of fun - tricky and explosive. When you get it right it feels like flying.
Note: If you have knee issues, work on rehab/prehab with some sissy squats and first progression shrimps.

A. Choose between muscle up practice or toes to bar. You have about 20 minutes for Part A.
Muscle up
Advanced: accumulate as many kipping muscle ups in 15 min as possible.
Intermediate: this is you if you do not have a kipping muscle up but you do have strict ring dips and pull ups. Do a 10 sec false grip hold for 3 sets. Then, do 10 bodyline/hollow body swings x 3 sets.
After that, practice the full movement.

Toes to Bar
You have toes to bar but are having a tough time getting rid of the extra kip. Work on the swing and pull. If you think of toes to bar as Straight Arm Scapular Strength this will help in pulling the bar towards the hip and activating the scaps.

You have very little activation of scaps in your knees to chest. Scap arch pulling x 8 reps with 3 sec hold.  x 3 sets

B.  On a 60 sec clock:
    Run x 100 meters
     KB Swings x 15 35/55 RX today is american.
     AMRAP burpees in remaining time.
     Rest 3 min
     7 sets