A week at Flux - School of Human Movement

I'm starting this post tagged "recap" for all our members to stay in touch. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share pictures, achievements and any other exciting happenings, but we sometimes forget to include those of you who only use the blog!

Here's our first "a week at Flux - School of Human Movement" highlight reel:

Retro WOD at the McTavish location

Retro WOD at the McTavish location

At the end of our 6 week program with the teens, Lucas is hitting 5 bridge push ups. When he started he had zero. Way to go!

At Flux, we strive for strict movements and strong eccentrics before kipping. This keeps our movers safe and injury free. Jess is very close to a strict muscle up so I knew it was time to practice the kip. Here she is doing her second kipping muscle up. Check out that stability! Thanks to all the Flux teachers who aided Jessica Gibson on her muscle up journey.

Stay tuned for more highlights from your fellow Fluxers!

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