Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

A. Back Squats
8-10, 6-8 or 4-6 (complete 4 sessions at each) @ 32x2

B. Strict and kipping hspu - See September 23, 2014
10-20 strict
20-30 kipping 

No strict hspu, but you do have kipping hspu? Pick a height to which you can do 5 strict hspu when fresh and complete 20 strict and 20 kipping hspu.

No kipping hspu but you feel comfortable doing eccentrics? Do 12 eccentrics as quickly as possible. 1 eccentric equals 10 sec. Follow this with 20 hspu in pike position on a box.

Not comfortable with eccentrics with full bodyweight? Do 12 eccentrics from a downward dog position and then 20 hspu in pike position on a box.

4 Rounds for Time:
Deadlift x 20 95/135 lbs
4 wall walks
25 double unders