Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A.  2 cleans plus 1 jerk
Advanced: your first set WORKING SET should be at approximately 83% of your max clean and jerk. Then go to  86%, 89%, 89%, 92 % for 5 TOTAL WORKING SETS

Intermediate: 3 cleans plus 2 jerks - 89%, 92%, 92%, 92%, 92%

Beginner: Don't worry about percentages. Do the following: 5 clean and jerk x 5 sets (go up in weight with each set if your coach gives you the go ahead).

B. Shoulder stability work:
Advanced: Grease the groove today. Accumulate 7 kipping muscle ups as quickly as possible.
Intermediate: Practice the false grip kip for about 10 minutes.
Beginner: 30 sec passive hang followed by 20 side to side lift offs for 2 sets (it's ok if your hand doesn't actually lift off the bar).

C. For Time:
Run 800 meters
Pistols x 50 (alternate legs)
OHS x 25 65/95 lbs Go for speed and snatch into your first rep. Make sure you stand up after each rep
Run 800 meters

No Pistol to the floor? Go to a box but be realistic. You should be able to do these quite quickly so don't choose a depth that is barely possible for 1 rep.

Run or Row 400 meters
25 air squats
15 OHS
Run or Row 400 meters