Monday, September 29 2014

A. For Time:
30 strict pull ups or chin ups AFAP
30 chest to bar kipping pull ups AFAP

Note: You should have 1 total time for Part A. Be strategic with this one and be honest. Your chest or neck must TOUCH the bar.  Don't cheat.

To do part A prescribed, you need at least 3 strict and strong pull ups or chin ups. Otherwise, choose from the following:
You have 1, maybe 2 pull ups or chin ups, but that second one is a struggle? Do 20 strict feet elevated ring rows or ground rows (Don't Cheat)!!!!
30 kipping chin ups or pull ups

You have kipping chin ups/pull ups but no strict ones? Do:
20 ground rows
30 kipping chin ups/pull ups (may use a band if you have a 30 sec eccentric)

You have neither kipping nor strict chin ups/pull ups? Do:
either elevated or hinge rows x 30 reps

Treat Part A as a game.  You need to be strategic. Expect to take at least 10 minutes to complete.

B. 60 sec AMRAP Hang Power Snatch 55/75 lbs
     60 sec AMRAP Box Jumps 20/24"
     60 sec AMRAP Shoulder Taps
     60 sec rest
     4 sets